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CE Projects-3 Head Office Projects Details                                                                  Total Projects : 2
SL No. Workcode View / Comments Project Name
1 000-10-N-P-R-O-MI-009 Complete Details    Write Comment construction of Compound wall in the premises of Govt properties /public sector properties in mysore Road from Sirsi Circle to ORR Reach No.1 LHS
2 000-10-N-P-R-E-CD-022 Complete Details    Write Comment Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Approach road to Service road of Outer Ring road from Lumbini Park
Project Status of CE Projects-3 Head Office
Completed Projects:0 Work In Progress Projects:0 Yet to Start Projects: 0
File in Process Projects:0 Projects without Workcode:0 Projects without Work Status:1
Total of Estimated Cost:8567173 Total of Approved Cost:8567173 Total of Expenditure Incurred:0
Cost Overrun Projects: Cost Savings Projects: Time Overrun Projects:0
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