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Hemmigepura Ward (Ward No:198)
Category Backward Category A (Women)
Population: 24311
Male: 12926
Female: 11385
Area (sq. kms): 28.59
Assembly Constituency: Yeshwanthpur
Localities in the ward: Part I: Existing RR Nagar CMC ward No. 19, Part II: Kengeri Upanagar (P), BEML Layout, Mailsandra, BHEL Layout, Patanagere, Remco Housing Society, BHEL 2nd Stage, Sri Krishna Garden, BEML Layout 7th Stage, Kodipalya, Sunkalpalya, Srinivaspur, BSK 6th Stage 11th Block, Meenakshi Residency Layout, Annapurneshwari Layout, BSK 6th Stage 9th And 10th Block, BSK 6th Stage 2nd Block, BSK 6th Stage 7th Block, Omkar Layout, BSK 6th Stage 4th Block, Aditya Layout, Sunilmitra Layout, Sri Balgi Layout, BCMEHS Layout, Bank Officers Layout, BCMC Layout, Vajrahalli, BCC Layout, Pearl Garden, Paramount Garden, Thalghattapura, Judicial Layout 2nd Stage, Hemegepura, Ganakal, Hosahalli, Lingadheeranahalli, Raguvanahalli, Somapura, Varahasandra, UM Kaval (P)
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Corporator Name: Veena Nagaraj

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