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CVC CWG 2010 Statistics Report
 GPMS Organization Report  37
 GPMS Stadium Report  26
 GPMS Stakeholders Report  
 Host city  Delhi, India
 Nations participated  71 Commonwealth Country's
 Athletes participated  6,081
 Events  272 events in 21 disciplines
 Main Stadium  Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
 Officially opened by  HRH The Prince of Wales and Smt. Pratibha Patil, President of India

CVC Vigeye GPMS enables citizens to reach stake holders worldwide for public participation in governance projects to highlight key issues, expose wrong doings of public institutions and functionaries so that they can provide immediate public answerability of all representatives & functionaries of a public authority against affected people on relevant actions & in-actions which can play a significant role especially in empowering citizens, informing them and play a catalytic role in providing a voice to the voiceless through interacting.
To Start you can contribute here...
Were you associated with the conduct of the CWG 2010 held at Delhi
as an organizer, as a service provider, as a regulator, as a sports persona, as a volunteer. Tell us about what games some people played with our efforts to project India as a World power in sports.Tell us about the good points and bad points and help us to document the lessons learnt and do root cause analysis to identify those deficiencies and weaknesses that need to be avoided for future and forever.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1   Australia 74 55 48 177
2   India 38 27 36 101
3   England 37 59 46 142
4   Canada 26 17 32 75
5   Kenya 12 11 10 33
6   South Africa 12 11 10 33
7   Malaysia 12 10 13 35
8   Singapore 11 11 9 31
9   Nigeria 11 10 14 35
10 Others 39 63 64 166
Total 272 274 282 828